• Data wydania /2018
  • FORMAT /Digital / Youtube Video

Few words

Brian Fentress & Friends take on the music and legendary legacy of Ray Charles in a one of a kind tribute. This is no ordinary concert! What makes Brian’s tribute special is his shared history in living life with challenges, the experience in blending several genres in one performance, and the skill of communicating real emotions through song. Together with his amazingly talented singers and musicians, the audience is transported to a different space and time. Music becomes an experience, while the audience moves from listening to participation.

While singing Ray’s best know hits and covers, Brian’s tribute effortlessly moves through styles of blues, jazz, soul, country, gospel, and pop. New arrangements that honor the nostalgic stylings of Ray Charles, while offering a unique and fresh prospective to his music, sets this concert apart. It’s not a concert of covers but rather an artistic and heart felt  perspective of Ray Charles’ music through the lens of Brian Fentress.

Brian is know for his unique ability to engage any audience. In preparation for this tribute he spent months studying the music and life of Ray Charles. As a fellow performer and songwriter, he established a genuine connection… a relationship that can only be foster through shared experiences. Through this connection, Brian was able to understand himself better as an artist. He honors Ray by singing the music in the way it was intended to be performed, but also singing it from his own perspective. This is what makes Brian’s Tribute to Ray a authentic experience no one can forget.

Luckily, this tribute is was not a one time thing. It has now been made available for booking. This tribute is perfect for private parties, culture houses and city events, company parties, and festivals. If you would like to have a one of a kind concert, do not hesitate to book Brian Fentress: Tribute to Ray Charles. It will be an experience you will never forget!